When your daughter goes missing, you’ll do whatever it takes to get her back.

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Although Tory is delighted that her feckless ex-boyfriend Ray is at long last showing an interest in their daughter Molly, she will not allow him access until he’s drug-free. He tells her that he’ll do whatever it takes to get access.
Not long after that she gets a panic-stricken call from Molly’s child-minder to say that Ray has snatched Lucy.
Despite the warning not to try to find Molly, Tory isn’t going to give up until she does find her. Ray has disappeared though, and finding him seems impossible.
And even if she does find him, is she putting her little girl’s life at risk by doing so? Would Ray really hurt their beautiful daughter, or is it a bluff? This is one judgement Tory absolutely must get right.
This heart-gripping tale of a mother’s determination and courage will keep you glued to the page.