Things are not always what they seem. If it’s too good to be true …

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First published in 2005 by Poolbeg Publishers, More Than Friends introduces us to Sally, who’s 32 and panicking about her single childless status.

But then she meets the handsome and suave Chris Malley. It’s a whirlwind romance – very soon she’s ecstatically living with him and everything is wonderful.

At least, it would be perfect if Sally wasn’t beginning to have forgetful incidents. Terrified that she’s losing her mind she tries to appear normal by hiding the worst of her lapses from Chris. But soon it becomes all too clear, and then she’s caught in a nightmare she could never have imagined.

Every day is a fight for her sanity, and a fight to escape the nightmare. Will she succeed?

More Than Friends reached No. 4 in the Irish bestselling charts.